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Every designer and brand is in a position of immense power and responsibility. The fabric sourcing decisions we make every day decide the quality of soil, water and entire ecosystems. When in a position to choose, let’s exercise the privilege to choose responsibly, fabrics that are better for our planet and its inhabitants.

We offer brands and designers a variety of sustainable textiles with maximum positive environmental and social impact. Our textile partner network of over 40 mills spans a diverse offering of organic, sustainable, regenerative and recycled fabrics that can be customised to your needs.

Request our catalogs or email us at with your organic fabrics inspiration and our dedicated team will source it for you

1. Regenerative Cotton

We offer true traceability from seed to closet. We partner with indigenous cotton farmers in Gujarat and South India to create regenerative cotton textiles in solids and yarn dyes in a variety of dyes, weights and textures.

Reach us at to source regenerative organic cotton with us or request swatches.

2. Recycled Cotton

We have developed custom qualities of GRS-certified recycled cottons in fine weights for the first time in India.

Reach us at to source recycled cottons with us.

3. Organic Cotton

We offer a full range of certified organic cotton fabrics in your choice of fabric weight, quality and patterns. Checks, stripes, crinkle, solids, chambray, specialty weaves, canvas… we’ve got it.
Reach us at to source organic cotton with us or request swatches.

4. Organic Laces

Reach us to create custom lace, broderie and shiffli fabrics on organic cotton, viscose or linen. Explore our design catalog or develop your own.
Reach us at to get our laces techniques catalog

5. Organic Linen

We offer certified European flax, a sustainable fibre grown using organic and eco-friendly agricultural practices. Available in custom weights, weaves and blends.
Reach us at to source or develop European linen fabrics or request swatches.

6. Sustainable Viscose

Our certified viscose offering include Forest Stewardship Council certified viscose, a range of offering from Lenzing including Tencel, MicroModal, and EcoVero in various weights, textures and blends. Also available are Birla viscose varieties.

Reach us at to develop sustainable viscose fabrics with us or request swatches.

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