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Meet Bare: Our newest sustainable concept collection in organic and natural dyed linen.
An example of soil to closet, a reinforcement of the human body’s connection to nature.
The linen is European flax, organically grown without the use of harmful chemicals, fertilizers or GMO seeds. It protects the soil and water and the human beings who grow it.
The collection uses patented herbal dyes, derived from materials such as Madder roots, Pomegranate peels, Myrobalan, etc that occur in nature. Lending the fabric soft gentle hues. These dyes eliminate the use of toxic dyes and prevent soil and water pollution and harmful effects on humans and our ecosystem.
The non binary silhouettes inspire a sense of comfort, versatility and movement.
Reach us at to order swatches and explore the full range of colors and customizable organic and natural dyed linens for your collections.
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