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Artisan Made Indigenous cotton
Design with us

Did you know that Indigenous cotton is Regenerative ?

Click on the photo above for a curated selection of contemporary designs created by us in partnership with our Indigenous cotton farming communities.

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Meet the Artisans


At Projecthrive, all artisan design collaborations begin with consent, credit, and compensation. This farm to closer program traces back to farms in rural Gujarat and Karnataka and revives Indigenous varieties of cotton that are rain-fed and grown organically without chemicals and fertilizers. The fabrics are also hand-spun, hand-woven and natural dyed by artisans. Not only do these fabrics support local communities, they help soil and water tables regenerate since they are not waterthirsty, sequester atmospheric carbon and grow in balance with the local ecosystem. Projecthrive has partnered with these communities to bring these fabrics to the international market as an alternative to BT and organic cotton.

Projecthrive has been working with Indigenous cotton farmers, local hand spinners, handloom weavers, and natural dye communities to revive Indigenous cotton since 2016.

Your Impact


Acknowledgment. Transparency. Storytelling.

When you choose to partner with an artisan community, not only do you make a sustainable sourcing decision but also create economic opportunity and preserve cultural heritage.

In sharing the unique stories of how these crafts are made and in acknowledging the makers and their heritage you help give unseen artisans due recognition. Not only does this preserve indigenous craft and empower women artisans but it also helps give visibility to traditional wisdom essential to protect our planet and ecosystems.

Customized Metrics


Partner with Projecthrive to receive the tangible social and environmental impact of every meter of Indigenous cotton that you produce with us

Reach us at for a demo impact report.

When working with us to create products made by these artisans you will have a real and tangible positive impact through your business that you can report to your customers and build brand loyalty.
You will receive real-time photos, videos, and personalized stories of the makers of your products to share with your audience and augment your brand.
Reports include compelling and relatable impact numbers around employment generated, women’s empowerment, reduction in carbon footprint, and much more.

Customized Collateral

Choose from a wide range of customized QR collateral with back-end support for your communication team. Help give credit to the community from which the heritage craft has originated, report impact and help your customers see where their product was made.

About Us

Projecthrive is an impact reporting initiative that helps fashion brands have far-reaching and tangible positive social and environmental impacts.
Through our sustainability reporting services, we gather real-time data, visuals, and stories of artisan partnerships to create result-oriented impact reports that help a brand substantiate its sustainability claims to its audience in a powerful way.

Not only do our personalized and effective storytelling tools help brands deepen a connection with their customer and build brand loyalty, we also help brands show real progress toward achieving their social and environmental goals through their business.

Read about our founder’s work in artisan impact and storytelling here


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