Ethical Artisan Partnership Masterclass – 2 sessions


If you want to develop ethical and long-term artisan partnerships that have a positive impact and enrich your design process, learn from Sonica Sarna who has been partnering with over 40 artisan communities for more than a decade.

In session 1 you will learn about,
* The social, environmental, and cultural impact of artisan partnership.
* Gain a foundational understanding of various types of artisan techniques.
* How to develop respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with communities.
* Overcoming challenges faced in the design and production process, understanding minimums, lead times, and payment terms.
* How to protect your designs and cultural intellectual rights of the artisan.
* Tools for ethical storytelling

In session 2 meet artisan communities, ask questions, and grow your network. Begin the process of building meaningful artisan partnerships. Receive a list of highly recommended artisan communities selected by Sonica.

You will get:

Recorded class of 1.5 hours

1-month access

*No COD available for class booking

Contact for the next live session dates

How to develop long term fair trade artisan partnerships

What you will learn

Learn about the nuanced process of connecting with, learning from, and designing with heritage artisan communities across India. Deepen your ability to create authentic designs while paying homage to the artisan communities you are inspired by.

Learn the practical tools to achieve design results and to ensure that the artisans are benefited from a long-term association with you.

Jamdani Pink Blouse Artisan
Industry Networking

Meet the educators

Partnering with artisans is more than a business need, it carries with it a cultural, ethical, and financial responsibility for the designer and brand.

Sonica Sarna

Sonica Sarna brings over two decades of expertise in apparel design and production, artisan partnerships, and sustainability to this course that she has designed to help designers and entrepreneurs find their unique mission to create a positive impact in the fashion industry. She is a bridge between traditional knowledge and the contemporary fashion industry and teaches from real-time experience in various aspects of fashion and sustainability.

Guest Mentors

Meet, be inspired by, and learn from other guest social entrepreneurs in fashion as they share the highlights of their journey and the ground reality of being a fashion activist.