Indigo Handloom Masterclass


Join Sonica Sarna in this unique master class on how to create natural dyed fabrics in partnership with heritage artisan communities.
Sonica partners with handloom organization Blue Lotus to bring to you the first of its kind practical and demonstrative course for designers, brands, and craft enthusiasts who will learn both how to design handloom natural dyed textiles and also the technical aspects of handloom weaving from fibre to fabric directly from the artisans themselves

You will get:

Recorded class of 1.5 hours

1-month access

*No COD available for class booking

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How to design natural dye and handloom fabrics

What you will learn

In this unique information packed masterclass taught by Sonica and Blue Lotus , the participants will learn from a photo rich journey of the process of designing and producing natural dyed handloom fabrics from yarn to fabric.

You will learn the basics of natural dyes- its process and constraints. We will share the process and technical aspects of creating your own textile designs of the desired weight and drape.
We will help attendees have a detailed understanding of the handloom production process supported by rich imagery and video demonstrations.
Designers and craft enthusiasts will also learn how to work respectfully with artisans, the basics of fair wages and representation.
Production specific topics like pricing, production lead times and MOQs will also be covered in detail.

Blue Lotus

Meet our partner educators

This first of a kind masterclass will be taught by Sonica Sarna in partnership with Blue Lotus handloom weavers.

Sonica Sarna

Sonica Sarna brings over two decades of expertise in apparel design and production, artisan partnerships and sustainability to this course that she has designed to help designers to create collections in partnership with traditional Indian artisan communities for the global marketplace. She is a bridge between traditional knowledge and the contemporary fashion industry.

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus are an innovative craft enterprise focussed on creating economic opportunities for traditional handloom weavers and natural dyers based in Kamalapur village in Telangana. Attendees will learn about the technical aspects of working with contemporary craft organisations like Blue Lotus to create beautiful and sustainable products.