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Our sewing centre for women is based amidst the slum clusters surrounding the industrial area in New Delhi and trains the women from these slums in sewing, cutting, quality control and packing.

These women have daunting lives. Often they are married off in their teens, not allowed to leave home to study or work due to safety issues nor given jobs even if they have employable skills. However, the women are fighting family prohibition, social censure and in some cases great personal peril to step out of their homes to participate in 60 day industry training programs as part of #Projecthrive. We applaud their courage and tenacity.

#Projecthrive aims to

  • Employ such at-risk women and provide them stable jobs and fair wages
  • Offer them  additional benefits such as flexible hours for childcare and housework, provident fund and healthcare
  • Safe commute to and from home
  • Scholarship fund for future education

Our goal is to empower these women to have a say in their own lives. And economic empowerment will bring with it respect at home and the right to exercise their voice.

Sonica Sarna Design is actively seeking brands and designers to partner with us on developing employment opportunities for more and more such women. We invite you to design and make your products with us so these women have sustained incomes.

Email as to learn how you can mobilize your business to change these women’s lives. We would love to share the stories of these wonderful women with you.

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