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Fashion brands partner with us to measure and report the social and environmental impact of your collections. Engage our personalized impact reporting tools, data metrics and effective storytelling to connect your consumers with your brand ethics and demonstrate tangible positive social and environmental impact.

Reach us at today to ask for a brand impact report and story telling tools demonstration.

Are you a fashion business that wants to conserve energy?
Partner with us to save electricity on each production order by using handloom fabrics and solar power during production at our factories.

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Partner with us to set your water-saving goals. We will help you develop a plan to identify and replace all toxins used and ways to reuse water in each production order. Get data on the amount of water saved for each order, impact tracing and reporting.
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Receive impact reports on the amount of electricity saved by using handlooms instead of power looms in fabric weaving. Data on electricity saved during the production process at our solar powered certified factories Request reports on above and much more.

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