B/W Patchwork Bustier


A rubic’s cube of black white and grey, this bustier is a wonderful form-flattering fit created by sewing together the smallest bits of fabric. Each piece is unique, one of a kind and inspired from Sonica’s charcoal paintings.

Size Guide
The jigsaw bustier

How to wear it

When you wear a work of art, you become a walking Mona Lisa. A patchwork bustier that uses waste fabric to create this lovely piece, we hope you love it as much as we do.

Pair it with our wave skirt or our gingham pants for a sexy and playful look.

How it changes the world

Who made it

This collection is designed by Sonica Sarna and is inspired by her charcoal paintings . A spirit of freedom has been translated onto the garments and each piece is meant to take one back to childhood memories of play.

Made from factory waste

The fabrics used in this collection, were sitting in a factory warehouse in a surplus pile for more than 5 years. Rather than use up more environmental resources in consuming virgin cotton, we decided to create a collection that is made entirely from textile waste and has no carbon footprint other than the electricity used to run our sewing machines. They are truly zero-waste luxury.

Sewn by Projecthrive

This piece has been hand cut and sewn by the ladies of #Projecthrive. A sewing center that trains and employs women from the slums of New Delhi in an endeavor to provide them equal economic opportunity. They make each piece on order just for you.