Indigo applique cushion cover


Meet our line of indigo handloom cushions. Use them by themselves or pair them with our mix and match patterns of cushions and indigo throw. They’re great for wear, will brighten up any living space and we promise you’ll love them for a long time to come. This one’s sized at 16″ x 16″

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The I love mosaic cushion

How to Use it

Panels of indigo goodness sewn together to create textile art .

Art that you can live with and look at every day.

How it changes the world

Who made it

This fabric uses natural dye indigo extracted from the Indigofera tinctoria plant.It has been handwoven by weavers of Kamalapuram and designed by Sonica Sarna.It is a piece of the handloom textile heritage of India.

Zero waste design

These cushions have been made using zero waste design pattern payout techniques so that no fabric is left unused. Design ingenuity meets playful design in this fun art-for-your-home.

Sewn by Projecthrive

This piece has been hand cut and sewn by the ladies of Projecthrive. A sewing center that trains and employs women from the slums of New Delhi in an endeavor to provide them equal economic opportunity. They make each piece on order just for you.