One on One Consultation with Sonica


Sign up for a 60 minute one on one consultation with Sonica who is a fashion sustainability expert with over two decades of ethical design, sourcing and production experience in the global fashion industry. She is recognised as the founder of one the ten most sustainable fashion companies world wide ( *Common Objective leadership awards 2019)

Personalised and indepth consultation

What you will learn

Our mission is to demystify sustainability, ethics and circularity in fashion and to make it simple, accessible and applicable for designers, brands, students and consumers alike.

If you are overwhelmed with the data online about sustainability best practices or how to make your sustainable brand have longevity and impact, reach out to Sonica for real time responses on the latest available research and practical options available to you to achieve your fashion vision and impact goals while keep practical and financial business constraints in mind.

Sonica Sarna

Meet our founder

If you need support in navigating ethical certifications, environmental and fair wage standards, or support on how to find the right vendors , Sonica can walk you through industry best practices both in the areas of sustainability and ethical design and production processes. She can help you through everything from sample making to quality control processes.

Ethical expertise

Sonica Sarna has over two decades of expertise in apparel design and production, artisan partnerships and sustainability.Through this session you will get answers to your questions on production, sourcing, sustainability, impact and storytelling. Sonica will share practical guidance on how to source organic, recycled and artisanal materials from India.

Production guidance

She will guide you on how to navigate production challenges such as minimums, leadtime, pricing, prototyping and approval processes and you can also learn about our ethical sourcing production services. Sonica can share any guidance you need on fair trade, worker rights, factory compliances and more.