Indigo Handloom Bandeau


This reversible bandeau is a zero waste indigo mosaic on one side and has handloom indigo denim on the other. Its a one size fits all that can be used as a belt or bralette. Style it over a jacket or shirt or on its own. Each piece is one of a kind. Each piece is made to order just for you.

Size Guide
Zero waste two way bandeau

How to wear it

Meet the indigo bandeau – a zero waste reversible closet-must have that’s been pieced together like a mosaic from indigo handloom scraps on one side and soft handloom denim on the other.

This is a one size fits all that doubles up as a belt or bralette. Style it over a jacket or shirt or on its own. It’s one of a kind- literally.

How it changes the world

Who made it

This collaboration has employed over 40 weavers, dyers and craftspersons and has reduced the impact of chemical dyes polluting the local water sources.This is a zero waste product that uses textile scraps to create a mosaic belt.

Handloom weavers from Telangana

This fabric has been handwoven by a traditional handloom weaving community. The weavers based in Kamalapur village in Telangana are generational crafts persons and experts in natural dye indigo extracted from the Indigofera tinctoria plant used to dye and then weave these fabrics by hand.

Sewn by Projecthrive

This piece has been hand cut and sewn by the ladies of Projecthrive. A sewing center that trains and employs women from the slums of New Delhi in an endeavor to provide them equal economic opportunity. They make each piece on order just for you.