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A message from Sonica


As anyone who identifies as a woman, your body is always subject to judgement in one form or another. It is supposed to perform a function in how it looks independent of how you may be feeling. Its form over function.

You must be beautiful, feminine, sexual, demure, attractive ( insert your adjective of choice here)

At the precious age of 42, as I arrive more deeply into my sense of being on this earth, I tire of any external message I receive on how my body should look.

As I feel more rooted on this earth, I feel more present in my body as my unique way of being on this planet. Here is my list of what my body is:





to work in service of every cause I am called to enlist in as an Activist, Woman and Warrior. An embodiment of Kali herself.

I have designed these clothes to give both my body and my sense of purpose space to move and to support and empower me to fulfill every call to action in my day. These clothes, woven by heritage artisan communities are of the soil I am called to protect. They are designed to fit my body and my being, my purpose. I hope they do the same for you.

I am strong, I love my body and it loves the clothes I wear.

How do you feel in your body today? Tell me, I’m all ears.

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