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Pictures speak more than a thousand words. Through this photo essay, we want to share the journey of the maker’s soul . The artisans’ hands and feet, days and nights, joys and sorrows all intermingle to create hand loomed textiles of unspeakable beauty .
Textiles which we at Sonica Sarna Design take on yet another journey of form , function and utility to create versatile and contemporary products.

Catch a glimpse into the behind the scenes making of intricate denim patterns hand loomed by weavers in the village of Chennimalai in South India. The traditional hand loom technique has been modified to create denim in chevron and polka dot patterns that are both trendy and eco-friendly.

We have combined this fabric with chrome free eco-leather processed in wet white tanneries using chemical free processes for minimal environmental impact.We have then added on toxin free , vintage finish hardware to create this unisex tote bag with a 2-in-1 strap and adjustable size inspired by origami folding patterns so that you can wear this bag any way you like. It’s multi functional, versatile and ready to travel the world with you.

To learn more about our ethical design process and artisan market linkage efforts, or to collaborate with Indian artisans in designing cool products like this bag, email us at

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