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As responsible businesses we cannot look away from the plastic and textile waste created during the production process, most of which ends up in landfills.
At SSD we are working towards offering the latest technology and innovations in zero waste for your fashion business.

Bio Plastics
We offer a variety of bio plastic packaging solutions that include oxo-biodegradable and compostable plastic  in custom sizes , colors and prints.

Reusable Cloth packaging

Consider packing pouches and totes in reusable cloth packaging, made from scrap, organic or generic cotton with custom design and logo details as an alternative to plastic.

Scrap recycling programs

Textile scraps from production can be used to create tassels and trims, sewn into totes, woven into unique textiles or designed into collections and promotional items.The possibilities are endless, each textile recycling solution helps prevent these waste textiles from ending up in landfills.

Reach us at to help make your business zero waste. 

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