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Meet Prerna, one of the female workers at a family owned block printing enterprise based in a village in Rajasthan. This enterprise signed up for our business development training and has been receiving orders since 2014 through our market access and training efforts.

When conducting field training’s in the villages, I dialog with women such as Prerna to understand what impact employment has on their lives.Over the last decade, I’ve spoken to hundreds of female artisans across India and there are some recurring themes that emerge in their answers.

  • When you employ a woman and pay her a living wage, she invests it in education for her children,health care for her family and saving for the future.
  • Rural women who themselves have suffered from gender discrimination their whole lives want better lives for their daughters. They want their daughters to have access to education, have opportunities and a choice in their life and to become financially independent.
  • When a women becomes financially independent she gains self esteem and the respect of her family and community.

People often ask the definition of ethical fashion. At Sonica Sarna Design, our definition is always changing , but today it goes something like this.

“Fashion that meets a woman’s need for  beauty and another woman’s need for empowerment “

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