About us

Welcome to our community of fashion activists and sustainable fashion enthusiasts. Our founder Sonica has been working in sustainability and engaging brands, consumers, artisans and various stakeholders for over two decades. Here's a little about what we do.

We design sustainable products

Our product line for the conscious consumer is thoughtfully designed with minimal waste and maximum artisan representation and positive environmental impact in mind. When you shop with us you cast your vote for a better world.

Sustainability education for brands and consumers

We offer designers, brands and consumers workshops, masterclasses, 1-on-1 consultation and free sessions on everything from ethical design and production to mindful consumption, environmental stewardship, indigenous wisdom, circularity and much more. Sign up for our online sessions , view our Instagram live sessions with artisans and much more. Join our vibrant community of brands, designers and artisans and learn from our global circle of sustainability experts and mentors by signing up here.

We create impact driven sustainable supply chains for brands

Over the last two decades, we have developed one of the most effective and transparent sustainable production houses in India, making ethical sourcing easy and effective for our partner brands. If you are a brand or designer looking to have a far reaching socio-economic impact, partner with us to have access to our 30+ sustainable textile mill network pan India and 40+ artisan community partners. Our inhouse certified factory production and our sewing center for at risk women from the slums of New Delhi- Projecthrive  ensure that your products are not just of the highest quality but also ethical and sustainable.
We are proud to have pioneered a sustainability eco-system of brands, consumers, designers and artisans to help make fashion a force for good. Join us!